Our Story

In 1856, Etienne Seitz, a confectioner in Remiremont in the North-East of France, founded both the spinning and the weaving mills of Namur in Granges-sur-Vologne. He went on to build another spinning mill in Aumontzey four years later in 1860. The cotton industry had started.

After its founder died in 1884, his daughter and son-in-law Didier Walter took over the family business and renamed it “Walter-Seitz”. Throughout the years, despite the historical events in the region, including the trials of the Second World War, the business developed and was modernized. It became a reference in the textile industry of the Vosges, whose “made-in-France” excellence and technique is of great renown internationally.


Located in the Ballons des Vosges Natural Park, we have been making house linen collections with the same dedication and passion for almost 160 years. Today, Tradition des Vosges employs more than 130 people, including about 20 seamstresses who make the most beautiful and highest quality linens with the greatest care and precision.

Expertise and experience

Technique and innovation are our priority, that’s why we make our products in the purest and most unique Vosges tradition. While our collections integrate the style trends of the past, they also include contemporary ones to meet modern expectations. Those values are deeply set in our culture and forged our commitment. Tradition des Vosges products are unique and refined. Thanks to their realist or abstract patterns, their shades and color associations, their delicate embroidery, they are the perfect match to your interiors. They blend into your universe and tell your story. Perfection and comfort have always been what we strive for and we work hard to offer you modern, creative and original products which will appeal to you now, yet will still be to your liking in the future.


When the company was founded, there was only one thick cotton product available. Today, thanks to industrial progress and the talent of our team of seamstresses, we make two collections a year. About thirty new products are made every year, besides our large range of plain-colored products, which allows us to satisfy the many tastes and needs of our clients.

Our Philosophy

French excellence and refinement are our motto. We aim to improve continuously, that’s why we use the latest dyeing and printing techniques.

Indeed, today we use digital printing too (as we did with our “Plumetis” design opposite), a very innovative technique which allows the printing of very detailed designs and patterns with incomparable precision and quality on textile.

Thus, we are constantly innovating, and we also try to develop the most environment-friendly solutions, including by making sure our products match environmental expectations and by encouraging recycling.

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